ERP & CRM Services

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. To be precise, ERP implies automation and integration of an establishment’s core business to enable them to concentrate on efficiency and abridged accomplishments. Acronyms are quite common in the IT industry but are intriguing to decode for many. ‘ERP’ itself is not as simple as it sounds.

An ERP system automates and integrates major business processes namely summarizing orders from customers, planning operations, creating inventory records & fiscal data and saving the data securely. The advantages of ERP systems are multifold. You can always arrive at complete corporate performance management for any enterprise to deliver acumen, prominence, analytics, and competence through every facet of a business. All these can be achieved at very less costs and with better streamlined business processes and operations.

We gained valuable experience in creating fully-integrated ERP solutions for startups and mid-level companies from various industries. Our ERP solutions are comprehensive in delivering manufacturing, forecasting and planning, financial management, procurement, warehouse management, inventory management & control, customer relationship management and many more in a compact ERP system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relation Management (CRM) are way different in functioning and assisting a business enterprise. ERP is aimed at enhancing the productivity of businesses, whereas CRM is totally into handling customers.

Many companies experienced nightmarish ERP cycles due to very dismal planning and execution. The end results in all cases are protracted implementation, costs exceeding the estimated budgets and failing to deliver the expected solutions to the customers.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management supports an entity in studying and focusing on sales and marketing to create new business avenues and build healthier relationships with your customers. We have been focused in developing and implementing CRM solutions for many years. Implementation of Customer relationship management (CRM) systems has become an important business move for many industries in the recent years. It is a wise decision to get into CRM as it visibly assists in inventing the processes of meeting and surpassing the demands of customers to strengthen our relations with customers. The implementation of CRM systems is very serious and complicated most of the time as many corporations had disastrous stints when they were over enthusiastic in reaping the results they desired.

We investigated and comprehended that CRM systems can be successful if we can focus our energies on procuring smart resources, ideal project management, learning customer expectations, continuous engagements with clients, effective communication, vendor management, and regular demonstrations to convey the CRM processes & procedures and time management. Constant communication with the Customer is the key to your success in CRM.

The various CRM services we could offer:

  • Business consulting
  • Application services
  • Application integration
  • CRM consulting
  • CRM integration
  • CRM support
  • CRM implementation
  • CRM maintenance